Go old school with ice cream staples like Vanilla and Mint Choc Chip or pick from high-falutin’ flavours like Key Lime Pie, Rainbow Sherbet or Cotton Candy; there’s nearabout 30 or so on offer.

Pile ’em high on a cone, or push the boat out with a decadent sundae, we’ve all manner of homemade sauces and sprinkles that your taste buds’ll surely thank you for!

If you’re a hankerin’ after the soft stuff, we’ve created our very own dairy whippy.
Gee whizz it sure is tasty!
Available in chocolate, vanilla or a twist of both.

Psst, hear tell it’s also the secret ingredient that’s fast making our super thick hand-spun shakes the stuff of folklore!

Heck, Billy Bob’s isn’t just a fabulous choice of ice cream flavours; we’ll ras your berries with the irresistible aroma of waffles, stacks of fluffy American pancakes made fresh to order, old fashioned floats and hand pulled sodas.

Plus, there’s a lip-smacking choice of ice cream sorbets, sherbets and popsicles to boot.

Holy Moly, that's just the half of it, you just gotta check out the