We’re mighty glad you stopped by.

Whether you’re here on a pal's recommendation, or just stumbled across us, please stay awhile, we’re just itching to tell you what’s so darned delightful about a trip to the neighbourhood's greatest eaterie!

Oftentimes we sum up Billy Bob’s in three little neat-o words:



Some folks call up for ice cream treats; most stay awhile for the full flavoursome diner experience, all the young ‘uns say Billy Bob’s play is awesome and early risers swear by our coffee and breakfast plates.

In short, Billy Bob’s combines a knockout 50’s styled diner, with lip-smacking parlour treats and then there's amazing play adventures to boot.

Give us a couple of hours and we'll help make sure the whole family has a blast!

Sound good so far? Here’s a quick link to book your table in the diner, then head over to our location and hours.

Keen to hear more? No sweat, we know you’ve a long way to travel and you’ll need to know we’re worth the drive…

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Awesome Playground