We’re mighty glad you stopped by since we’re just itchin’ to spill the beans on what’s so darned delightful about a trip to the neighborhood’s greatest eaterie!

In short, Billy Bob’s combines a knockout 50’s styled classic American diner, with lip-smacking parlor treats, then there’s a bunch of amazing play adventures to boot.

Load up the family and travel back in time to slurp up a legendary milkshake, coupled with a hearty dish from our all-American-eats menu, all the while tappin’ those toes to your favorite tunes on the old-school jukebox. Finish up with a stack of fluffy American pancakes, eye-popping sundae or choose from endless exciting ice cream flavors.

Then, make a beeline to hang loose in the fresh air and charming vista, whilst the young un’s have a gas, clambering up and over doggone dandy play areas that green light the kinda adventurous play they really hanker after.

Sound good so far? Follow the link to book your table in the diner, then head over to our location and hours.

Keen to hear more? No sweat, we figured you’ve a long way to travel, let’s get to showing you we’re worth the drive and Billy Bob’s ain’t just all-show-and-no-go …

Sunday sundae ... See MoreSee Less

Sunday sundae


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Leigh Anne-Marie Abbott x

And me!

Andrew Taylor need to go here xxxx


Jodie Hardy Paula Ward 😋😋😋

Daina DippyTina Lewis

Gary Dow

Danny Haslam

Victoria Howarth

Jess Nunns check this place out x

Catherine Holden

Adam Cooper

This is sooooo good! I didn’t want it to end!!

Ryan Peel we should go

Looks delicious :)

Danielle Dixon


Ben Bennison needed 😂

Kate Staniforth we need to go

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Hey guys, the road in between Embasy and Billy Bob's is flooded however coming the main road is clear. ... See MoreSee Less


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Claire Bell Jude Holliday Anneka Welding

2 weeks ago

Billy-Bob's Parlour

We have only the outside seating available over lunch I'm afraid folks so make sure you're either booked in or a polar bear! ... See MoreSee Less

We have only the outside seating available over lunch Im afraid folks so make sure youre either booked in or a polar bear!


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Katy Warren fun wasn’t it with ice creams in the snow ⛄️ 🍦

Jess Dorson got snow up there

Kaleigh Burns

Emilie Addis xxx

Ems Lou snowing here today! And it was cold enough yesterday!

Kev Cain

Good thing we booked “in” 😳😅🤭

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