Our wonderful outdoor play (children 9 and under) is open to all customers, any time we’re open and completely free! Play in our undercover playbarns is £2 per child, for 2 hours of play.

At peak periods (weekends, Bank Holidays and school holidays) the barns are open only to folks who’ve dined with us. At these times, our fully booked diner means the barns are operating at capacity and sadly we don’t have space for non-diners to play.

What do we mean by diners? Meals from our menu (including sundaes or waffle and pancake specials) purchased by the whole group, just as at any other restaurant.

What if we want to dine outside? Tables outside are all first come first served, no advance reservations, so when dining outside you’ll only be able to access the barns after you’ve dined, with production of your ‘play pass’ we’ll issue at ordering.

Walk-ins are always made most welcome, but we do get busy, most always we’re fully-booked weekends and holidays. Best to make it a sure bet by booking in advance.

Just as with any other restaurant, we cannot reserve seats for people just having a coffee or an ice cream and a table reservation is based on all members of the group enjoying a main meal from our menu (including Sundaes or our Waffle/Pancake Specials).

It’s super quick and easy to make a booking for a table of 8 or less right here through our website, just click here to head to our bookings page.

If the weather’s playing ball, we also serve food at our outdoor seating area, tables outside are first come first served, no pre-booking required. Sorry, we don’t serve food to tables in the play barns.

Here’s the thing…We’re a diner and ice cream parlour; we don’t charge parking fees or crazy entry fees to our wonderful play areas and, just as any other catering establishment, it’s our business to keep you refreshed while you’re with us.

Free parking and awesome play areas are exclusively for guests patronising the parlour and diner. So, whilst you are here, we ask that all refreshments consumed anywhere on site (including the back of the car park) are purchased from us (of course, baby food excepted, which we’ll gladly heat if requested!) We don’t have many rules here, but we are sticklers on this one, we work really hard to make Billy Bob’s a special place for you to visit and simply refuse to allow the likes of Tesco and Aldi to benefit from our endeavours. To be fair to our genuine guests, any person consuming refreshments not purchased here with us will be asked to leave.

Yup we love ‘em! That said, no matter how cute, dogs just don’t mix with play areas and food intended for us humans. So please, if your canine chum comes along, they’re very welcome on a lead in the outdoor seating areas. Out of bounds are :- play areas, the decking and inside Billy Bob’s.

We have specifically marked accessible parking spaces at the nearest entry point to Billy Bob’s. Entry is ramped and fully accessible by wheelchairs and our diner offers a number of wheelchair friendly tables. There’s also indoor and outdoor separate accessible toilets, specifically wheelchair friendly. Access to play areas, our school bus and some outdoor areas are by their nature more tricky, please ask any member of our team if you require assistance – we’d surely be glad to help!

We’re thrilled you thought of us – Thanks!

Our gift vouchers can be collected from Billy Bob’s, or ordered over the telephone (additional £1.90 recorded delivery postage).
Vouchers come in increments of £10.00.

Call our gift card hotline on 01756 711826 and one of our friendly guys or gals will be mighty glad to help.

Complimentary tap water is available at your table whilst you are dining with us. When not dining, we offer bottled water, cordials, milkshakes and a huge range of soft drinks, starting at just £1.25.

Given that much of our bias is a mix of food and children, and that some folks find smoking bothersome, we ask that if you wish to smoke, please keep to the designated area out in the car park.

We do everything we can to make sure there’s something for everyone here at Billy Bob’s, most everything is made from scratch, so we know what’s in the dishes we serve.

Of course, suppliers occasionally change, plus we’re always working on improving our recipes and when it comes to allergies we know how important it is to make sure we’re giving out correct and bang up to date information. Please do get in touch if you’d like to know anything about allergens in our menu, we’ll do all we can to make sure you’re clear about what’s right for you.

Do also be sure to tell your server if you or a member of your party has a food allergy at the time of ordering. We have set procedures to help make sure most everyone can enjoy a treat!

Not only is Calm Slate Farm the place that Billy Bob’s Skipton calls home, but it’s also known by many folks as the Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Farm, housing the dairy where dozens of delectable flavours are churned and base for those brown and cream vans who travel the country serving up delicious cones! Be sure to raise a cone to those local cows who made all those scoops possible as you head home!

You’ll see cows and sheep aplenty in the surrounding fields here, though we don’t offer petting as a part of a visit to Billy Bob’s. You see, our girls are much like any other mums, and can be a bit protective over their brood. Anyways, if it’s petting you’re after, there’s a wonderful visitor farm, called Hesketh almost next door.