Fancy joining a one-of-a-kind workplace?

We’re always on the lookout for talented folks, who are hankering after a fun and rewarding career in equal measures.

If you thrive in fast paced environment, always bear a smile and are most comfortable when making people happy, chances are you’ll fit right in at Billy Bob’s. Enthusiasm, energy and a passion for delivering outta sight service and hospitality is what makes our team tick!

We’re sure willing and able to provide the right ingredients, tasty recipes and training. But what really counts is our employees adding the fun and friendliness that makes the Billy Bob’s experience one that guests go away and shout about.


Top notch training and certification
Competitive Salaries
Daytime work only
An exciting, growing business
A buzzing environment - never a dull moment!
A friendly, enthusiastic team
Plenty of room to move up the ranks
In house coaching
Free staff meals
Transport to work from our local town

It’s a fact that more than half our current team have been promoted on and up during their time at Billy Bob’s. If you’re looking for a long term career with great opportunities for advancement, we might just be the fit.

Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Farm

There’s all manner of exciting positions that come together to create the neighbourhood's greatest eaterie, here’s details of positions we hiring for right now....

Chef de Partie

Looking for the thrill of a fast-paced kitchen environment, but like evenings free for family and fun? Read on….
Billy Bob’s has grown again and we’re looking for a permanent full-time Chef de Partie to join our experienced, efficient and switched on (but still kinda homely) kitchen brigade.
You’ll work closely with our Head Chef, (who’s been running the show since day one) and be responsible for managing varying sections of the kitchen and our junior staff, to deliver our guests the great tasting American eats that make them hunger for another visit. Your stickler standards will be key to making sure every guest receives the same top notch taste, presentation and quality on each and every visit.
The Billy Bob’s kitchen is where much of the magic happens; every dish that’s made it to the menu has been envisioned and executed by the team, and most everything is made here from scratch. We’ll teach you how to cure and smoke meats, make our relishes and sauces and you’ll have every opportunity to be a contributor by adding your ideas into the pot.
You’ll need to be;
Enthusiastic, energetic and confident
LOVE a busy (sometimes relentlessly so) service
Have excellent prep and cooking skills
Be a team player, calm headed, fast and efficient
Available at our busiest times – weekends, bank holidays and school holidays,
If you’re ambitious too then all the better, join us on an exciting adventure, with more sites on the horizon and loads of opportunities for an aspiring, talented chef to move up the ranks.
If you’re yearning to be part of something special, not necessarily just looking for a change, call Sarah Scarth on 01756 711826 or email for more information, or email her your CV with a cover letter.

Weekends (and more) on the Blower

We’re calling out for a new guy or gal to help us in the back office. For the mostpart you’ll be on the phones and tapping out emails direct to our diners, plus, there’s a whole bunch of simple admin jobs to keep you bustling along.
A real gone friendly manner, being super comfortable on the blower and ability to send clearly worded emails is a gimme, but everything else we can teach.
Age, experience or being a summer student is no barrier to the role, its an enthusiasm to take care of our guests that’ll get you the hire.

What’s in it for you?
We won’t be tight fisted with the bucks
We think we’re kinda nice guys to work with
There’s plenty of opportunity to work up the ranks (this role has come up for just that reason)
Plus, being behind the scenes is almost as much fun as being out front slurping on a Billy Bob’s Shake. (Alrighty, that’s pushing it, but helping others do just that gives you a kinda peachy feeling that sure beats most jobs!)

We're hiring to fill this position on a Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 4pm, with extra hours during the week available too.
Get in touch if you can help us get into shape behind the scenes.
Send a cover email, CV or application form to Sarah Scarth at the email below.

Employment form

Download the application form on the right then drop it in an email to or c’mon by to meet us.