We’re mighty glad you stopped by.

Whether you’re here on a pal's recommendation, or just stumbled across us, please stay awhile, we’re just itching to tell you what’s so darned great about a trip to Billy Bob's!

Oftentimes we sum up Billy Bob’s in three little neat-o words:



Some folks call up just for ice cream treats, some stay awhile for the full 50’s belly-filling diner experience, most all the young ‘uns say Billy Bob’s play is awesome and early risers swear by our coffee and breakfast plates.

In short, Billy Bob’s Parlour combines a pretty awesome ice cream parlour with a 50’s American diner and amazing play adventures.

Give us a couple of hours and we'll show you a great time.

Sound good so far? Here’s a quick link to book your table, then head over to our location and hours.

Keen to hear more? No sweat, we know you’ve a long way to travel and you’ll need to know we’re worth the drive…


Meet Bunny and Rex. They were having so much fun playing that they missed their ride home! We're worried that there may be some very sad children missing their friends, can you help us reunite them? (In the meantime, don't worry about them, they're having a ball in the play area and are working their way through the pancake menu) View photo →

9th Aug, 2016

If you're planning a visit to us during the school holidays, remember to head online to www.billybobsparlour.com/bookings or give us a call on 01756 711826 to book your table in advance. We do get booked up early in the holidays, especially over lunchtime, and we'd hate for you to get here and be disappointed. Our outside tables are always first come first served, but with the unpredictability of the British summer it's best to get booked in with us inside if you want to guarantee your table (and your play in the barns). Hope to see you all soon - we've got some delicious summer specials for you to try - here's a sneak peak of our Turkey Tennessee...


3rd Aug, 2016

Hello Folks, We’ve been trying to get the word out since April, but just in case you haven’t heard; during weekends, Bank Holidays and School holidays, our undercover play barns are open only to those who have dined with us, from 9am until at least 4pm. We know this is quite a controversial change, so we wanted to explain why it's something we've had to do. At these peak times our barns are at capacity, and we simply don't have space for non-diners to play in the barns. We are so sorry to disappoint the many regular customers who we know like to come at peak times just for takeaway ice creams, drinks and a play in the barns - you are still warmly welcome here, and can enjoy our free outdoor play area for under 9’s at any time (pictured here). You can also play in the barns during midweek in term-time, or you can drop in any day after 4pm when we are usually quiet enough to open our barns to everyone. We feel incredibly honoured to have so many people wanting to visit us, but recently at peak times we have been so busy that our car park was overflowing, the queues for ice creams, drinks and toilets were unacceptably long and we regularly became so busy that those of you just here for an ice cream and a play simply had no choice but to wait sometimes hours to access the play barns, as they had already reached capacity with our diners. That isn’t the experience we set out to offer, we want everyone to have a really enjoyable visit and we know that being so busy was making everyone’s visit here, whether dining or not, much less pleasurable. We have extended our site all that we can and that sadly means the number of people dining when we are fully booked is equal to the number of people that we can safely accommodate in our play barns. We’ve done our best over the years to try and accommodate as many different preferences for how people like to visit (and to avoid this decision for as long as we could we added wristbands and a time limit to play, but even that isn't enough now). We know that this change won’t be to everyone’s liking, but occasionally we have to make a difficult decision, and this was one of them, we hope you'll understand. This change will actually reduce the number of customers visiting - we used to have full restaurant as well as extra people visiting for ice creams and drinks, and now we will just have a full restaurant, so we assure you this is in no way a money-led decision, it’s about our capacity and the safety and enjoyment of you our guests and your family. We know some of you still have questions, please send us a message or write a comment below if you do, we’re more than happy to answer any queries you have, and have posted a couple of FAQ's in the comments below. The Billy Bob’s Team x View photo →

28th Jul, 2016

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