We’re mighty glad you stopped by.

Whether you’re here on a pal's recommendation, or just stumbled across us, please stay awhile, we’re just itching to tell you what’s so darned great about a trip to Billy Bob's!

Oftentimes we sum up Billy Bob’s in three little neat-o words:



Some folks call up just for ice cream treats; some stay awhile for the full 50’s belly-filling diner experience, most all the young ‘uns say Billy Bob’s play is awesome and early risers swear by our coffee and breakfast plates.

In short, Billy Bob’s Parlour combines a pretty awesome ice cream parlour with a 50’s American diner and amazing play adventures.

Give us a couple of hours and we'll fill your bellies and show you a great time!

Sound good so far? Here’s a quick link to book your table, then head over to our location and hours.

Keen to hear more? No sweat, we know you’ve a long way to travel and you’ll need to know we’re worth the drive…


Our new teen-and-up area is full of quirky details, these are a few of our favourites! Our gas pumps steal the show, they were found in Nebraska, and shipped back over to take a starring role. If you’re visiting without little ‘uns in tow, be sure to ask for a table in the Gas Station when you book! View photo →

19th Jan, 2017

We got to thinking you might like a behind the scenes peek at our brand new teen and up dining area, the Gas Station, in the making: To keep everything as authentically American as possible we sourced materials and decor in America - if we couldn’t find it, or it was too expensive, we made it ourselves from scratch! Our huge appreciation goes to; The wonderfully patient and enthusiastic construction team at Gray's Builders, Ilkley, who tire-lessly embrace our screwy ideas, spend hours converting American spec to UK and somehow make it all a reality. Dales Heating Ltd, who we hear still wake up sweating at the memories of installing our new American toilet flushes! The Billy Bob’s maintenance boys who worked through the night on many an occasion so as not to disturb you all with noisy drills and saws and The rest of the team who put in hours of elbow grease and worked full throttle in the days before opening to have every detail sparkling and ready! So when we see you in there having fun it just makes our day! Here are a few behind the scenes pics of how it all came about.... View photo →

17th Jan, 2017

The snow is falling here at Billy-Bob's and we're all ready for action with an extra big pot of Chowder on the stove! Perfect for a winter's day! View photo →

12th Jan, 2017

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