We’re mighty glad you stopped by.

Whether you’re here on a pal's recommendation, or just stumbled across us, please stay awhile, we’re just itching to tell you what’s so darned great about a trip to Billy Bob's!

Oftentimes we sum up Billy Bob’s in three little neat-o words:



Some folks call up just for ice cream treats, some stay awhile for the full 50’s belly-filling diner experience, most all the young ‘uns say Billy Bob’s play is awesome and early risers swear by our coffee and breakfast plates.

In short, Billy Bob’s Parlour combines a pretty awesome ice cream parlour with a 50’s American diner and amazing play adventures.

Give us a couple of hours and we'll show you a great time.

Sound good so far? Here’s a quick link to book your table, then head over to our location and hours.

Keen to hear more? No sweat, we know you’ve a long way to travel and you’ll need to know we’re worth the drive…


We’re calling out for a new guy or gal to help us part-time in the back office. For the most-part you’ll be on the phones and tapping out emails direct to our diners, plus there’s a whole bunch of simple admin jobs to keep you bustling along. A real friendly manner, being super comfortable on the blower and the ability to send clearly worded emails is a must, but everything else we can teach. The amount of experience you have doesn't matter to us - its an enthusiasm to take care of our guests that’ll get you the hire. What’s in it for you? We won’t be tight-fisted with the bucks We think we’re kinda nice guys to work with There’s plenty of opportunity to work up the ranks Plus, being behind the scenes is almost as much fun as being out front slurping on a Billy Bob’s Shake. (Alrighty, that’s pushing it, but helping others do just that sure gives you a kinda peachy feeling that sure beats most jobs!) We're hiring to fill this position definitely weekends, but ideally Thursday to Sunday. Get in touch if you can help us stay in shape behind the scenes. Send a cover email and CV to Sarah Scarth at sarah@billybobsparlour.com telling us why we simply have to have you on our team. View photo →

17th May, 2016

Hi Folks, we are fully booked all day today aside from a couple of tables of two, please bear this in mind before you make the journey!

2nd May, 2016

Hey Guys! The Diner is getting choc-a-block for reservations this weekend so access to our play barns will be for DINERS ONLY. Depending upon availability, non-diners may be given access after 4pm. We’re sorry to scupper plans, the fact is capacity is limited and we just can’t fit y’all in. If you’d still like to come for a play and enjoy an ice cream, our outdoor play area will be available for any children up to 9 years of age. To avoid disappointment, we strongly advise that you book your table in advance via our online bookings system www.billybobsparlour.com or by giving the team a call on 01756 711826.


28th Apr, 2016

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