We’re mighty glad you stopped by.

Whether you’re here on a pal's recommendation, or just stumbled across us, please stay awhile, we’re just itching to tell you what’s so darned great about a trip to Billy Bob's!

Oftentimes we sum up Billy Bob’s in three little neat-o words:



Some folks call up just for ice cream treats, some stay awhile for the full 50’s belly-filling diner experience, most all the young ‘uns say Billy Bob’s play is awesome and early risers swear by our coffee and breakfast plates.

In short, Billy Bob’s Parlour combines a pretty awesome ice cream parlour with a 50’s American diner and amazing play adventures.

Give us a couple of hours and we'll show you a great time.

Sound good so far? Here’s a quick link to book your table, then head over to our location and hours.

Keen to hear more? No sweat, we know you’ve a long way to travel and you’ll need to know we’re worth the drive…


We are over the moon to have been nominated yet again for the fantastic Mumbler Awards! A huge thank you to all of you who put us forward for it - it really makes the hard work of all our team worth it. Voting is now open for the overall winner and if you've got thirty seconds to spare we'd mightily appreciate your click! You can vote at http://www.mumblerawards.com/shortlist-vote/ in the category 'Eating out with the Kids' View photo →

19th Sep, 2016

Hush! I'll let you into a secret... Billy's been cooking up a storm in the kitchen this morning, trying out some delicious American recipes which might just fit the bill for our Winter Specials Menu. These tasty little bites were so delicious that we just had to share them! Say 'hush puppies' over here and you'll most likely think of shoes, so we bet you didn't know that in America they're actually little bites of fried cornbread batter, which have been a staple in Southern cooking for as long as anyone can remember. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and packed full of kernels of corn, red pepper and onion, they went down a storm with this morning's customers, and if you're lucky they may just make it onto a Billy-Bob's menu sometime soon.... View photo →

14th Sep, 2016

Once again, through the month of September we're offering a helping hand to cheer up the return to school. We'll be giving a free ice cream to all kids who bring in their school prize for hard work or achievement. Whether its a certificate, the weekly trophy, a medal or something more quirky, we think they deserve a treat for their efforts back at school. Click the link below for details. We wish all our little visitors, just starting out, a wonderful first day at school and a high five goes out to those headin' on and up the years! https://gallery.mailchimp.com/536885d734129b2711e327d71/files/School_award_form.pdf


13th Sep, 2016

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